Why you might want a contract grow

Why you might want a contract grow

Last Edited: 23/03/2017

What is a contract grow?

A contract grow is an advanced plant order made by a customer, for example an architect, for the purpose of landscaping. Contract grows ensure that the plant you want will fit in with your ideal specifications and that the plants you order are at a certain level of maturity, in time for when your landscaping project is in need of them. Contract grows can be for a wide range of plants, including instant hedges and mature trees. The length of the contract grow is up to you, depending of course on the plants or trees that you need.

How a contract grow can help you

Contract grows can ensure that there needs to be no compromise on the product, whatever season the project is finished. The plant or tree can be grown with particular specifications in mind, so you can ensure that it will fit in with the rest of the landscaping project. This can help you with planning the rest of your project and envisioning what the finished result will look like, rather than having to settle or reduce your expectations. It also helps you plan the overall environmental impact of your project, should you need to fill out a report on this or if it is simply an important aspect to you personally.

Contract grows can also save you money, as prices are negotiated and agreed at the beginning of the contract, so you won't have to worry about adjusting costs for inflation. From the outset, you will know what you’ll be paying so you’ll be able to budget the rest of the project more accurately. You will also have knowledge of any extra fees should the project be delayed for whatever reason.

Contract growing trees and other plants ensures their health and wellbeing, and means you won't be investing your money at the last minute in a product that could fail or cause unforeseen problems. Contract-grown plants and trees are grown in optimum conditions and are well taken care of throughout the duration of the growing period, especially here at Todds Nursery, so you can trust that you're investing in a top quality product, catered to your project.

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