Why is Biosecurity so important?

Why is Biosecurity so important?

Last Edited: 23/03/2017

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity is an important measure employed in all forms of agriculture. It involves a wide range of procedures to guard the infiltration of pests and diseases in plants, trees, shrubs and crops. The impact of these pests and diseases can have effects on the health and safety of both the plants themselves and even people if the plant is intended for consumption. Biosecurity is an important factor to consider when growing any plant, whether for commercial or private use. Biosecurity measures can range from using simple pesticides to sourcing plants and trees from reputable sellers with traceable origins.

Why is biosecurity important?

Biosecurity ensures the health of future plants and trees around the UK. Many plant disease can be easily spread and so it is important to routinely inspect for any signs or symptoms of disease, and to ensure any plant sources are trusted, especially if the type of plant is prone to particular issues. Biosecurity is important in safeguarding the wellbeing of the environment, especially against any exotic diseases that can ravage the local plant-life.

With the constantly changing environment, biosecurity measures must be frequently updated to ensure they are still effective. Warmer winters and change in rainfall each have their effects on the nature of pests and diseases. Biosecurity awareness is also an important thing to consider when it comes to private growing, as the spread of plant diseases and pests is often a preventable measure.

Here at Todds Nursery, we ensure that all our of trees and plant life are in the best possible health and protected against diseases and parasites. We understand the effects pesticides can have on the environment and so we use these in a way that will minimise the overall impact, but be as effective as possible on pests. In order to ensure our stock is secure against disease, we source from reputable UK sellers wherever possible. This is an especially important step when sourcing plant life that is prone to a particular disease. In addition to these steps, we regularly inspect our stock to ensure we are in keeping with biosecurity guidelines and measures, so we can ensure our customers receive products that are in the best possible health.

If you want to find out more about our Biosecurity measures, or are interested in visiting our nursery yourself, give our team a call today - 01462 813390