When should you order a tree for a big project?

When should you order a tree for a big project?

Last Edited: 12/04/2017

There are many different factors to be consider when buying semi-mature or mature trees for any large landscaping project. The success of the entire scheme can depend on selecting the right species and ensuring they are correctly managed before and after planting, so it’s worth taking the time to get things right. 

How common is your chosen tree species?

If your heart is set on a relatively uncommon species of tree you may need to arrange to have this sourced and specially cultivated on your behalf, while commoner species are often readily available with much less notice. If you suspect the tree you have in mind could be rare it’s worth looking to order as early on in the project as you can to avoid a more prolonged wait, particularly if you require more than one of that specific variety. 

Maturity takes time

It’s relatively easy to supply any number of young trees or saplings, but when you’re looking at semi-mature or mature trees, the time taken to cultivate these to the desired stage in their development may need to be taken into account. Again, it’s worth placing an order for these trees early on in the planning process to confirm that the age you need will be available. 

When will you reach planting stage?

Leaving ordering until just before you’re ready to plant is a recipe for disaster as the entire project could be unnecessarily held up by an extended wait for the tree or trees you want. Similarly you need to check that ordering is not almost immediately followed by delivery, as if you are not ready to plant them the trees could deteriorate rapidly and even die before being put into the ground. 

A good tree supplier, like ourselves, will be able to advise you on the likely availability of your preferred species, how long you may need to wait for the numbers/level of maturity of tree you want, and ensure delivery fits the required schedule of your project. If you need any advice, we can help you. Pick up the phone and talk to us here at Todds Nursery today.