Welcome to Todds Nursery!

Welcome to Todds Nursery!

Last Edited: 01/04/2018

Welcome to Todds Nursery! If you're looking to invest in a tree, instant hedging or shrubs for your garden project, then we are here to help you get the most from your investment. We are delighted to launch our new website, which has been designed to offer our customers an even better experience when it comes to shopping with Todds Nursery. From the latest semi mature tree species through to great deals on our mature tree range, we'll keep you up to date with news, tips, and advice.

The power of plants

As our business has grown, we have been able to bring the power of plants and trees to more new customers than ever. We absolutely love what we do and believe passionately that plants are absolutely vital to our everyday health and happiness. As modern life becomes increasingly stressful, fast and frenetic, the scientifically-proven healing and calming power of trees and plants is more essential than ever... and we are here to help provide these natural tools to your happiness and wellbeing!

Bookmark us

Visit our site regularly to stay up to date with our range of shrubs, instant hedging, mature and semi-mature trees at Todds Nursery. We regularly update our stocks and have special promotions on seasonal favourites. We will also be posting regular blogs packed with knowledge from our expert team. Whether you need help with choosing a new shrub or instant hedge for your back garden, or you need some guidance on maintaining your plants or buying a semi mature tree, our team will be posting guidance and expert 'how to' guides to help you with all of your queries.

Stay in touch

For any queries or for advice on plants and trees that we sell, please contact the Todds Nursery team and we will be delighted to help you. Equally, sign up to our newsletter for all the latest news, updates, product releases and special offers - with sneak peaks of new lines before they are released.

Welcome to Todds Nursery - the UK's premier producer and supplier of mature trees, shrubs, and instant hedging.