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Are you looking to buy a mature tree to complete your landscape vista? Here at Todds Nursery we procure, grow and supply mature trees to private individuals and large corporate customers alike. Delivering beautifully formed mature trees to projects across the UK and Europe, our team use modern and innovative growing and transporting methods to ensure your tree reaches you in as healthy and happy a state as it was when it left our nursery.

From procurement through to aftercare, you can rest assured that any tree you invest in from Todds Nursery will have been grown and maintained to the highest standard, with the utmost care and attention to detail taken during the growing process. Whether you are looking to buy a mature tree tomorrow that is ready and fully formed, or you want us to procure and grow a mature tree to be ready for your project in ten years time, we can work alongside you and your team to deliver the tree (or trees) you are looking for. 

For us here at Todds, ensuring your tree grows into a healthy and high-quality mature tree is our number one priority. From our beautiful nursery situated in the heart of Bedfordshire, we use peat-free growing media to provide nutrients to our trees, testing their water regularly to ensure all of our plants - new and mature - receive the optimum nutrition available whilst developing.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Todds Nursery can help you get the mature tree you want for your garden or landscaping project, or if you need advice on how to care for a mature tree you have already purchased or acquired, then call our team today and talk to a professional. We can even organise for you to visit our site in Bedfordshire so that you can take a look at our mature trees, hedges and shrubs yourself. With a large number of trees available and ready to buy, you could have the tree of your dreams delivered to you in no time!

The Finer Details

From the shape of the leaves and form of the branches, to the strength of the roots, we consider every detail when growing a tree to your project's specifications .

Mature Tree Transplanting

No matter the size, our team have experience in moving mature trees in and out of the trickiest environments, so you can rest assured we can deliver the tree you want, where you want it.

A Full Service

From procurement, through to logistics, delivery, installation, and aftercare, we can meet the unique requirements of any project.

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Mature Trees from Todds Nursery