How can you get a screening without losing width in your small garden?

How can you get a screening without losing width in your small garden?

Last Edited: 08/08/2017

There is no doubt that a small garden can make a huge impact! Key to making the most of a smaller garden is clever use of the space and nothing illustrates this more than planting screening. By using carefully considered tree planting and instant hedging, you can make your garden appear bigger than it is with the separate zones this creates within it.

Many people worry that doing this will lose space in their outdoor area and narrow the garden's width. This needn't be the case if you choose the right trees and instant hedging to maximise rather than cut down on what you already have. A mature tree or semi mature tree of the correct variety is a great option with this in mind. You will not want anything that grows too large but there are some great choices that would suit a smaller garden. 

Once you have identified the best tree or hedging for your garden, you will want to consider how you will plant it to make the screen itself. This may seem obvious, but ensuring that this is done in such a way that it gives the illusion of more space rather than less will seem to add width, rather than take it away. The key here is that it should not be overcrowded in terms of the number of trees or hedges as this will make it feel closed in. It is better to let the space they create breathe a little instead.

The final element to ensuring you don't eat too much into your garden's width when putting in a screening is aftercare. Make sure you keep the screening well-trimmed to ensure it doesn't invade the space you have made and always looks well-kept. Todds Nursery offers a bespoke planting and aftercare service so why not call in the experts and let us create you something magical that will last forever? Get in touch today at 01462 813390 to speak to our trusted experts and find out more about screening in your garden - whatever the size.