Do I need to invest in aftercare services for my tree?

Do I need to invest in aftercare services for my tree?

Last Edited: 05/07/2017

If you have invested in a new tree for your garden you might think that it's simply a case of planting it and letting nature take its course. However, providing aftercare for your new tree is critically important for its development, especially in the first two or three years of its life. 

So, do you need to invest in aftercare services for your tree? Here are just a few things that need to be considered when raising a new tree:


Regular pruning is essential during the early life of a tree to control and prevent disease. The process involves the careful, expert cutting back of dead materials cleanly to healthy wood and growth buds. Bad pruning can be more damaging than no pruning at all and unclean cuts can lead to disease and further problems. 


After being planted initially it's key that the tree is mulched every year around the spring or autumn months. This helps to combat and suppress weeds whilst maintaining soil moisture. This is best done using organic materials, such as wood chippings and well rotted manure. 

Tree tie and stakes maintenance

Saplings (new trees) need to be staked when they're first planted in order to allow their roots to take a firm hold and anchor properly. This can sometimes take years, but without it a tree can become loose in the wind and risks dying. Stakes and ties need to be changed as the tree grows, too loose and it could be damaged, too tight and the tree can become scarred and susceptible to disease. 

Sucker removal

Many trees will often send up suckers from their roots, which can be detrimental to their overall growth by slowing it down. These need to be removed using sharp secateurs as close as possible to where the sucker meets the root. This job is best carried out in early summer.

All of this maintenance can become very time consuming, especially if you have more than one tree to care for. At Todds Nursery, we're experts in providing aftercare services for new trees, give us a call on 01462 813 390 to find out how we can help.