Can trees be kept in containers?

Can trees be kept in containers?

Last Edited: 08/08/2017

When your outside space is very limited, one option is to keep trees in containers. What you must avoid are trees that are fast growing or which grow to become incredibly large. Below we offer advice on keeping trees in containers. 

Importance of the correct container

The container needs to be in the style of your garden decor and it also needs to have excellent drainage. One good choice of pot is terracotta, as it is frost proof and heavy, ensuring that the tree will remain stable when planted. Metal, stone, and wooden pots are also good options. 

The right compost

The best all-round compost to use is loam-based. This is a heavy based compost and will provide great stability for your tree. A good idea is to break up some terracotta pots and to add these pieces to the compost, helping with drainage. You also need to raise the container slightly off the ground, so that the pot does not become waterlogged. 

Care once the tree is planted

Once the tree has been planted into the pot, your work does not stop there. Trees that are kept in pots will dry out a lot quicker than those in the ground, so will need regular watering. It is very important that the compost is kept wet, even in the winter months. There really is so much that needs to be considered regarding aftercare, and ideally you need to seek advice from a specialist nursery. 

Tree ideas

Some tree ideas include the Japanese maple, olives and cirrus trees. The great news when you choose to plant bay, yew and privet trees in pots, is that you acquire instant hedging and privacy for your garden. 

If you're considering planting trees into pots, then we strongly urge you to seek guidance from a specialist nursery, such as Todds Nursery. We offer a range of tree services, including tree planting into pots and advice on keeping mature trees and semi-mature trees in pots. To learn more about our tree planting service, please give us a call today.