Automatic irrigation - what is it and why do we use it?

Automatic irrigation - what is it and why do we use it?

Last Edited: 23/03/2017

What is automatic irrigation?

Automatic irrigation is a method of watering plants, shrubs and other foliage efficiently and without the hassle of using hoses or watering cans. Irrigation systems can be set to a timer so they go off at the same time each day and the network of pipes can be played above ground or below, depending on the system.

What are the benefits of an automatic irrigation system?

Automatic irrigation helps the environment, something that is increasingly of concern both to businesses and consumers. The drip system employed in automatic irrigation uses considerably less water than a traditional hosepipe or watering can and aims directly where the water is needed so there is no wasted run-off. This can help cut down on water bills, whether being used in a business or privately. Some irrigation systems even come with rain sensors, so water is only used when it is needed.

This system of watering saves the you time and effort, especially if there is a large amount of land that needs to be covered. These systems are especially important in large nurseries such as Todds, and it ensures all plants' foliage is equally looked after. Automatic irrigation can also help gardeners who are busy, away from home, or simply forgetful! It could also benefit you in being able to work in the garden at the same time it is being watered, rather than having to find time to do both.

Plants can benefit greatly from the use of an automatic irrigation system, including mature trees and hedges. When plants are watered frequently they grow faster and the drip system helps to retain soil nutrients and structure that would otherwise be lost if too much water seeps into the soil. Automatic irrigation systems can help cut out weed growth, as the water is directed only where it is needed, keeping your garden or project looking smart and beautiful.

At Todds Nursery we believe that trees have an important place in our society and environment and so by using automatic irrigation systems we can ensure our trees are of the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact possible. We believe in offering our customers beautiful and healthy plants, as well as quality advice and consultation regarding care once your tree, hedge or shrub has been planted. To find out more about how we run our nursery and how you can look after your plant investment, call our team today on 01462 813390.